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August snack box recap: Lemony cookies, maple hemp seeds + more

Hello, printed boxes! We partnered with the lovely folks at Citrus Design Studio to create new packaging for our snack deliveries. Did we mention we love stripes? 

As always, we also partnered with small-batch companies from across the country to bring you the latest in healthy snack goodness. Here's a rundown:

August Munch Better snack box
Hippie Snacks Hippie Cookies - Lemon Coconut V GF
Why We Love 'Em:
Raw nuts are the base of these amazing organic cookies, which are baked at a low temperature to maintain nutrients and enzymes. A sweet match for your cuppa tea!

Kronobar Choco-Banana Endurance Bar  V GF
Why We Love It: 
There’s no better reward for exercise than this chewy, chocolatey bar. Packed with dates, brown rice protein, quinoa, and more, it’s food fuel at its finest.

Indulge Gourmet Kettle Corn V GF
Why We Love It: 
When we’re craving a sweet/salty combo, this light and crunchy snack - popped with premium non-GMO corn - is where it’s at. 

Natera Hemp Seeds - Maple and Himalayan Pink Salt V GF
Why We Love 'Em: 
Hemp seeds are nutritional gold (read: an easy-to-digest complete protein with a dose of good fats and fibre). Maple and pink salt make 'em even better.

 Strawberry Organic Granola Minis  V GF 
Why We Love It:
Made with organic strawberry puree and toasted oats, these cute clusters taste like summery goodness (they also make a perfect back-to-school snack).

p.s. Stay tuned for the "Why Don't You...?" product we featured in August!

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