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February snack box recap: Roasted chickpeas, single-origin chocolate + more

February, February. The month of sweet gestures, slushy streets, layers upon layers of clothing, and chapped lips. But hibernating isn't so bad when you've got cozy sweaters and pots of Stash's Double Bergamot Earl Grey tea.

February marked the launch of our new Crazy In Love With Chocolate box [sold out!]. Speaking of chocolate, let's recap this month's jam-packed box! Here goes:

February Munch Better snack box

GORP Peanut Butter & Raspberry Clean Energy Bar  GF*
Why We Love It: It’s like a PB&J, but much more satisfying. Whole raspberries, hemp seeds, and plant-based protein provide fuel for whatever activity you’ve got planned.

Alter Eco Dark Cacao Organic Chocolate V GF
Why We Love It: This single-origin fair trade bar is intensely chocolatey, especially when you factor in the crunchy nibs. Hearts stolen!

Three Farmers Barbecue Roasted Chickpeas V GF
Why We Love 'Em: Sweet, smoky, and addictive. These chickpeas are roasted with camelina oil and pack protein, fibre, and serious crunch.

Munch Better Banana Chocolate Power Cereal V GF*
Why We Love It: We created this hearty cereal with a few of our favourite things, including buckwheat, dried bananas, and dark chocolate. Eat it and be lovestruck.

Indulge Gourmet Kettle Corn V GF
Why We Love It: It’s the perfect guilt-free indulgence! Popped with non-GMO corn, this snack achieves the perfect balance of sweet and salty.

Ra Energy  V GF
Why We Love It: This superstar mix of organic seeds and sprouted buckwheat adds quality carbs, protein, and essential fatty acids to meals and snacks. Get sprinkling!

Crio Bru Cavalla Brewed Cocoa V GF
Why We Love It: Made from 100% roasted cacao beans, this hot drink delivers a boost of energizing antioxidants and minerals. It also tastes wonderfully complex with notes of coconut and cinnamon. Mmm.

*Gluten-free ingredients, but not made in a gluten-free environment.

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