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March snack box recap: Dried mango, herby polenta crisps + more

We love pressing the reset button and starting a new season! What else made us happy in March (aside from the new St. Vincent record, this butternut squash soup and a weekend trek to Montreal for Expo Manger)? Working with the below companies to create a flavour-packed March snack box!

March Munch Better snack box

Dendy & Co Rosemary & Roasted Garlic Polenta Crisps  
Why We Love 'Em: When we're craving something crispy and herby, this non-GMO cornmeal cracker hits the spot. We love ours with white bean dip!  

Maker Quote: "I was a private chef for many years and I created new products all the time. The Polenta Crisp was a very popular dish I used to serve with goat cheese, roasted romano peppers, and aged balsamic vinegar. Because it was so popular with my clients, I knew it would make a great retail product." - Daniel Dendy

GORP Clean Energy Bar - Peanut Butter & Raspberry Bar
Why We Love It: It's like a PB&J, but sooooo much better. Whole raspberries, hemp seeds and brown rice protein are just a few of the knockout ingredients in this hearty bar.

Maker Quote: "Years ago I started doing triathlons and found myself running from practice to practice. I knew I needed to fuel my body with protein and calories within 20 minutes of vigorous exercise to recover properly, but a lack of time and planning was causing me to make bad nutritional decisions. I stopped hitting the drive-through and started to experiment with eating protein bars. Unfortunately, what I found on the market was a lot of high-fructose corn syrup, misleading labels, poor quality ingredients, and wonky aftertastes. I started to research what I wanted in an energy bar and the kitchen experiments began!" - Colleen Dyck 

Solar Gold Dried Mango
Why We Love It: The slow-dry method makes this the tastiest dried mango we've ever tried, hands down. And no weird additives, preservatives or sulfites!  
Maker Quote: "We wanted to market dried fruit because we knew that a higher quality of fruit than was available at the time in Canada could be brought here. We also knew that an "unsulfered - no added sugar" line would be healthier than most snacks on the market, and saw value in providing employment in poorer countries of the Americas." - Mike Drainie

Sha Sha Ginger Snaps and Cocoa Snaps
Why We Love 'Em: These crunchy, dairy-free cookies are made with whole-grain flour, so there's no need to feel guilty when you devour them.  

Natural Calm Magnesium Travel Packs - Raspberry Lemon and Cherry
Why We Love It: This fizzy, easy-to-drink supplement helps us relax and sleep like babies. We can't do without it.

Next up: Watch out for a Why Don't You..? recipe with Three Farmers camelina oil!

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