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Make popcorn with omega-3-packed camelina oil

We've got a new go-to cooking oil and it's made in Saskatchewan!

Cold-pressed, non-GMO, and packed with omega-3 fatty acids, Three Farmers camelina oil has a high smoke point (475 F), and the nutty flavour means it also makes a lovely salad dressing. Another awesome thing about it? It's fully traceable back to the farmer and field where it was grown - just look for the code on the back of your bottle. 

Three Farmers camelina oil

Looking for an easy snack? Pop some popcorn and drizzle with camelina oil - here's how: Heat 3 tablespoons of Three Farmers camelina oil in a pot on the stovetop over medium heat and toss in a 1/2 cup of popcorn kernels (note: you can also use an oil-free air popper).  

Once kernels start to pop, put a pot on the lid and shake/spin vigorously to ensure they do not burn. Remove the pot from the heat when kernels stop popping. Drizzle a generous amount of camelina oil over the popped popcorn and add salt to taste. Enjoy!

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