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May snack box recap: Coconut water, a savoury bar + more

May was a bit of a blur for us, but in the best way possible. Based on subscriber feedback, we revamped our office snack box program and introduced a gift box for new moms [sold out]. We also brought on an intern (hi, Jenna!).

Another May highlight: delivering some exciting snacks we found during our expedition to Expo West in L.A. (which is why the ratio of American-made snacks is higher than usual in the May box). Please tell us what you think! Here's a recap:

May Munch Better snack box

Wonderfully Raw Brussel Bytes V GF
Why We Love 'Em: They’re the new kale chips! Crispy and raw, they taste incredibly good thanks to a seasoning of cashews, tamari, coconut nectar, and spices.

Mediterra Savory Bar with Black Olives & Walnuts V GF
Why We Love It: Most bars are on the sweet side, but this olive-studded, fibre-rich bar is a welcome change of taste!

Thirsty Buddha Coconut Water V GF
Why We Love It: It’s the best coconut water we’ve tasted (and we’ve tried a lot of ’em). Blend into a tropical smoothie, or drink cold after a walk or workout!

Mike & Mike Organics Goji Sport Trail Mix V GF
Why We Love It: This protein-packed mix of cashews, walnuts, goji berries, cranberries, and pumpkin seeds keeps our midday tummy grumblings under control.

Mamma Chia Green Magic Chia Squeeze V GF
Why We Love It: Who isn’t trying to get more greens in their day? Banana, mango, spirulina, and chlorella meet chia seeds for a juicy, energizing mix.

Amazing Grass Raw Reserve Green Superfood Powder V GF
Packed with nutrient-dense algaes, sea vegetables, and cereal grasses - plus maca, burdock root, ginger, aloe vera, cayenne, flax, and chia - this powder is an easy way to put free radical-fighting plants to work in your body.

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