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The story behind Nomz Energy Bites

Nomz Energy Bites are easily one of the most popular snacks we've included in our subscription boxes. The vegan and paleo-friendly balls are handmade in Toronto, and come in four flavours (we're partial to coconut).

Jana Zaibak started Nomz in 2013 with her business partner, Eman. Jana talked to us about making a snack that so many people find irresistible.

Nomz energy bites

How did Nomz start?
It started as a snack we made ourselves when we were craving something sweet. Whenever we were tempted to eat chips or cookies, we’d eat one or two energy bites and feel incredibly satisfied – both in taste and fullness. We thought it was the best-tasting snack, even better than junk food! One of our moms suggested we start selling it, so we did.

Any memorable moments from your first year in business?
Evergreen was the first store we approached. Joe, the owner, is incredibly nice and supportive of small businesses. He said we could come to his store the following Saturday and give out samples to his customers. He told us to bring 12 units with us – if customers were interested, they could buy them at his store that day, and if the response was positive, he said he would carry our product. It was the first time that people, outside of our family and friends, were trying our snacks.

We didn’t know what to expect, but we ended up selling all the units we brought with us! Even if Nomz becomes a worldwide sensation, that first day we sold out of the 12 units will remain the most memorable day of our journey. It gave us all the confidence we needed to move forward.

How did you test your product and come up with flavours and ingredient list?

Trial and error. We taste-test everything and once we approve a recipe, we get feedback from friends and family. It’s important that each ingredient is nutrient-dense, not just an over-hyped superfood. We don’t believe in fillers. Once we found the right combination and ratio of ingredients, we tried many different suppliers until we found the best source for quality and freshness.

What are you looking forward to in the next few months?

We’re eager to introduce more people to our delicious and truly healthy snacks, so we’re looking forward to expanding across Canada in the next few months. Soon, more people across the country can “munch better” on Nomz Energy Bites!

Awesome! Aside from Nomz, what's your favourite snack to make at home?

We love keeping washed grapes in the freezer and snacking on them in the summer months. Like ice cream, but better – both in taste and nutrition!

Thanks, Jana!

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