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June snack box recap: Wasabi peas, a vanilla shake + more

It's finally summer! Which means it's time to tend to herb gardens, break out the Moscow Mule mugs, and seek out snacks with big flavours. Here's a recap of our June box - isn't colourful packaging the best?!

June Munch Better box
Martin’s Cinnamon Apple Chips V GF
Why We Love 'Em: Made from dehydrated Ontario apples - peel intact! - these cinnamon-dusted chips are the opposite of boring. 

World Peas - Wasabi
 Peas V GF
Why We Love ’Em: Wasabi + protein = wake-up call! This Japanese-inspired, non-GMO snack is super spicy and crunchy.

Square Snacks Cocoa Cravings Energy Bar V
Why We Love It: Stash this chocolatey, nutrient-rich bar in your purse or pocket - it makes the perfect emergency snack.

Rumble Supershake - Vanilla Maple  GF
Why We Love It: When there's no time for a proper meal, this fully-loaded shake is a lifesaver. It’s got 20g of protein, 8g of fibre, good fats, and greens blended in!

Patience Fruit & Co. Organic Dried Cranberries, Wild Blueberries, Golden Berries & Tart Cherries V GF
Why We Love ’Em: A slow-drying process makes these antioxidant-packed berries soft, plump, and pleasantly tangy.

Teechia Cranberry Apple Sustained Energy Cereal  V GF
Why We Love It: Packed with six organic super seeds and oats, this fruit-sweetened cereal is an easy breakfast solution. We also eat it for an afternoon pick-me-up!

Teeccino Vanilla Nut Herbal Coffee - Medium Roast
Why We Love It: When a late afternoon coffee craving hits, we know better than to indulge and mess up our sleep patterns. Try this rich, vanilla-laced herbal coffee instead!

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