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A peek into Abigail Keeso's super-stocked pantry

Clean eating inspiration is everywhere - Instagram, blogs, cookbooks - but when it comes to actually making meals, we can easily get off track despite our best intentions.

That's why one of our favourite recent discoveries is That Clean Life, a platform and app that gets down to the basics of meal planning and grocery shopping (pssst...they just released a free membership option). The meals are easy and healthy - and we'd take them over takeout any day!

Trying some TCL recipes inspired us to rethink our shopping patterns and cupboards, so we asked co-founder (and recipe creator) Abigail Keeso to let us into her pantry for a peek. Warning: It'll probably make you want to clean and re-organize yours.


Abigail Keeso pantry

What are your top five pantry items? 

Extra virgin olive oil, sea salt, lentils, mint tea, and hemp seeds.

What item might someone be surprised to find in your pantry? 

Brown sugar!

Pantry peek - dried goods
Where are some of your favourite places to shop for dried goods (e.g. flours, spices, grains, nuts)?

I like to keep it simple and efficient, so I try to do all my shopping at Loblaws. They have a great selection and reasonable prices. I also love the fact I can collect PC Points to use for free groceries. I’m fierce about my points! 

Pantry peek - spices

What spice do you find yourself reaching for most? 

Black pepper.

Any pantry/cupboard organization tips? 

I took a page out of our awesome editor LeChing’s book and started using medical tape and a sharpie to label my mason jars. We’re clearly both crafty nurses! I use small glass jars from the dollar store to organize my spices. I try to keep things organized by category:

Shelf #1: Baking ingredients (flours, oats, etc)
Shelf #2: Nuts, pasta and rice
Shelf #3: Spices
Shelf #4: Oils and vinegar
Shelf #5: Teas 

Based on your pantry and fridge items, what's your favourite throw-together snack?

I like to keep it simple. If I need a quick snack, I’m usually reaching for a banana with almond butter or cucumber slices with hummus. 

Your favourite throw-together meal? 

Any of our tortilla pizzas! They're quick, healthy and comfort food at its finest.

Pantry peek - door opening

Thanks, Abigail! (Photos courtesy of That Clean Life)

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