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November snack box recap: Dill pickle popcorn, toasted coconut chips + more

One of us was on a beach in November (see: picture), and one of us was enjoying the sweet fall weather in Toronto. Both of us became kind of obsessed with Season 2 of the StartUp podcast - highly recommended!

Podcast notes aside, here's a look at our November snack delivery: 

November Munch Better snack box

Jax Coco Wasabi Toasted Coconut Chips V GF
Creamy coconut with a kick of wasabi = awesomeness. These
slow-toasted chips are addictive - try not to eat the whole bag in one sitting!

Elan Organic Wonder Trail Mix  V GF
It’s hard to say no to a trail mix with dark chocolate. Plump raisins, tart cranberries, pumpkin seeds, and almonds make it an even more satisfying snack.

From Farm To Table Dill Pickle Popcorn V GF
When we’re watching our favourite TV shows, this non-GMO, Ontario-grown popcorn is just the (snack) ticket.

Galerie Au Chocolat 72% Earl Grey Bar  GF
Why We Love It: A good piece of dark chocolate is a simple way to treat yourself. This
fair-trade bar is infused with Earl Grey tea - a brilliant pairing!

SeaSnax Toasty Onion Organic Roasted Seaweed V GF
Most dried seaweed is roasted with canola oil - not this one! Omega-3-rich olive oil and a sprinkling of dried onion provide a complex and savoury flavour.

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