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What's in cancer fighter/blogger Jamie Mead's pantry?

Jamie Mead is the embodiment of the Fuck Cancer movement and one super brave woman. After being diagnosed with stage 4 colon cancer almost two years ago, at age 28, she has tackled multiple surgeries and rounds of chemotherapy. She gives an unfiltered account of her journey on the blog Young Female Cancer.

Jamie Mead of Young Female Cancer

After discovering in September that her cancer was still growing, Jamie decided to combine bi-weekly chemo sessions with naturopathic medicine, including a treatment called Mistletoe Therapy. She also cut meat, refined sugar, and most dairy from her diet - and the results have been significant. As she puts it, "I've never felt stronger in my entire life!" (We love this post about what she eats in a typical day.) 

What are your top five pantry items? 
1. Maple Syrup - I use this in salad dressings and to sweeten my morning oats - I just love it!
2. Chia Seeds - A great source of protein and they have SO many other benefits! Easy to just throw in a smoothie and go!
3. Baking Soda - I use this multiple times a day. A spoonful mixed with water is a natural way to get rid of any acid buildup in the stomach. I drink it in the morning as well to help alkalinize my body.
4. Coconut Oil - This product has too many uses and never leaves my side.
5. Almond Butter - Spread it on toast, dip my apples in it, throw it in a smoothie - it's so delicious!

What item might someone be surprised to find in your pantry
Ketchup. As horrible as it is for you, it's something I cannot live without. Although the foods I eat these days do not require it as often, it's still a must for me when eating eggs (I am cutting down though, I promise!).

 Jamie Mead's pantry

Where do you shop for dried goods (e.g. flours, spices, grains, nuts)?
I love my local health food store for dried goods. They have a wall of glass jars filled with every type of organic spice and nut. It's just heaven.

What spice do you find yourself reaching for most? 
Turmeric is my go-to spice. Every day, I take a turmeric capsule in case I'm unable to have any that day. There are so many benefits to this spice! It's also really easy to mix in a smoothie. (Promise it does not change your chocolate shake to a curry flavour.) My next goal is to make and learn to love turmeric milk!  

What supplements do you take daily? 
Vitamin D, Turmeric, L-Glutamine, and Coriolus Versicolor.

Based on your pantry and staple fridge items, what's your favourite throw-together snack? 
Apples and almond butter. Allows me that sweet fix!

Apples and almond butter

What's your favourite throw-together meal?
A simple salad with spinach, cucumber, quinoa, dried cranberries, goat cheese and a dressing made of 1 part maple syrup to 2 parts olive oil. Delicious!

Thanks, Jamie! 

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February 04, 2016

Jamie’s the bomb! Love this girl and her spirit. Love Munch Better too!

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