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June snack box recap: Coconut pudding, pecan balls + more

Summer has arrived! We're loading up on MyChelle mineral sunscreen (one of our new faves) and whipping up berries and coconut milk in the blender and calling it ice cream. We hope you have a fun-and-sun-filled start to the season! 

For our June snack box, we partnered with some of our longtime collaborators while introducing a few new season-appropriate snacks (tip: try the crackers with some freshly made salsa or opt for a super-chilled coconut pudding). 

Here's a recap: 

June Munch Better snack box

Sha Sha Pineapple & Cocoa Nibs Buckwheat Snacks  V GF
These “soft-chewy” clusters contain two amazing things - pineapple and cocoa nibs! - plus plenty of fibre for sustenance between meals.

Belsoy Coconut Pudding  V GF
This plant-based, non-GMO pudding takes creamy, coconutty goodness to the next level. It’s also a great source of calcium and stress-busting vitamin B12! *Serve chilled*

Inner-J Super Krisps Bar - Lemon Strawberry  V GF
The perfect summer take-along snack, this crispy bar is packed with hemp, chia, pumpkin, and sunflower seeds. Hello, energy!

Nomz Pecan Energy Bites  V GF
Hand-rolled with love in Toronto, these truffle-like, Paleo-friendly balls are an effective way to crush your afternoon sweet craving.

Finn Crisp Snacks - Seeds & Salt   V
What’s more satisfying than super crunchy crackers? Super crunchy crackers made with whole-grain rye and sprinkled with seeds and sea salt. YUM.

Martin’s Apple Chips V GF
Made from dehydrated Ontario apples - peel intact! - these chips are the opposite of bland. Tip: Keep an open bag in the fridge and your chips will stay crispy.

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