Munch Better Snack Box | Our Story

Our Story

We launched Munch Better for Canadians who want to discover healthy snacks made by passionate, small-batch producers. 

Munch Better founders - Erin Letson and Amanda FaccioloMost people want to make better food choices but face a number of roadblocks: busy schedules, confusing labels, and a lack of nutritious (and exciting) snack options at work. When we noticed more creative health food products popping up - many of them made in Canada - we wanted to share these products with a larger audience.


We feature snacks made with real-food ingredients that are free from anything artificial or genetically modified. With backgrounds in holistic nutrition and digestive health, we focus on finding snacks that provide fibre, good fats, and plant-based protein - or a combination of all three!

We also love snacks like chocolate and cookies, so we look for options made with less sugar than traditional varieties and higher-quality ingredients (for example, raw cacao or spelt flour).


We don’t believe in calorie counting or extreme cleanses. Instead, we're into eating plenty of vegetables, drinking lemon water all day long, and adopting healthy habits that suit our schedules (hello, lunchtime walks).

With Munch Better, we aim to provide the best healthy snacks to inspire people to care about the food they eat!